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Jena Stephans holds a BA in Psychology and is an elementary school Drama Ministry Director and substitute teacher. She has written more than a 100 Christian drama sketches, all successfully performed in front of large audiences.

Jena’s biggest claim to fame is being the mom of six kids (three boys and three girls), ages 14 to 24. She is currently surviving the rapid succession of them leaving for college, so her desire is to help other moms learn to cope with UMTS (Uncontrollable Mama Tears Syndrome) and other adjustments that go along with kids leaving the nest.

During the school year, Jena lives with her handsome husband and two terrific teenage daughters who haven’t left for college yet. The rest of the time, she has a house full of young adults who stay up all night, sleep all day, and keep her house filled with commotion, making her Mama heart happy.

Jena would love to hear from you and can be reached at .

Jena Stephans

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