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Hurricane Bingo

Click here for your very own downloadable and printable Hurricane Bingo cards!

While thinking of things to do with a wide range of ages during an approaching hurricane with possible power outages, I decided it would be fun to play Hurricane Bingo and let the weather announcer be the caller. I thought I’d share the cards so you can play, too! You don't even have to live near a hurricane to play - just turn on a weather report. There are enough cards for 10 players, but if you have more than that, just print how many you need and be ready for multiple winners. Remember to print it BEFORE the power goes out! I have a prize bowl of candy and quarters for the winners, but you can be creative and use what your family and friends will enjoy. If you have younger kids and want to play a lot but don’t want to give away lots of candy, consider making coupons for chores or let the winner pick a silly thing the non-winners have to do (like sing a song or do a dance). If you mark the cards with something non-permanent--skittles, coins, M&Ms, pencil marks, etc.--you can play for as long as you are willing to listen to coverage of the storm. Hopefully it helps keep everyone’s minds off the storm.

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